The Firms – Let’s Be Popular

The Firms is the first recorded musical effort by Logan T. Sibrel.

All songs on “Let’s Be Popular” were recorded with a PC microphone in Sibrel’s childhood bedroom while his parents weren’t home during the summers of 2008 and 2009. This music is the groundwork for what would later become Sister Pact .

“I remember, listening to these songs, that this is really the type of music and culture that I like, that I want to consume, the world that I want to be part of. A world in which you can record songs in your childhood bedroom and take them seriously. In which you don’t have to be a 20 year old starlet, bent on proving some kind of weird flat relativity. You can do what you know, or what your life is actually about, and it’s usually more interesting, more honest, and just better to listen to.”     -Max Steele (This Is Fag City)

ja! ok.- / soft and low


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.13.48 PM

ja! ok.-

Eine Hand deren kleiner, Ring-, Mittel- und Zeigefinger zur Handfläche gezogen ist; der Daumen zeigt nach oben:
Eine Hand deren kleiner, Ring- und Mittelfinger von der Handfläche abgespreitzt ist; Zeigefinger und Daumen berühren sich:
Wie läuft’s bei dir?
ja! ok.-
Wie geht’s?
ja! ok.-
Tetrapac & Dose liegen zusammengedrückt am Strassenrand
ja! ok.-


soft and low

“I am black with love / neither boy nor nightingale / intact as a flower / I yearn without desire.”
From “Narcissus Dancing” by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Logan T. Sibrel is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He makes paintings, drawings music, and zines.

The works in soft and low are of half-formed figures – groping, posing, and failing at fellatio. Focused on the performative components of intimacy, the pieces’ composition and frontality are part Caravaggio, part American middle-class family portrait.

These paintings and drawings are scattered with fragments of lyrics from ‘60s girl groups and bits of dialogue which are as misleading as they are telling. While the content in Sibrel’s work is largely [homo]sexual, he actively refuses sensuality, which is lost to self-awareness. The subjects in the pieces wish to be desirable and objectified but also face the discomfort of this being a form of dispossession.


exhibition 26/1 – 4/2/18

opening hours
th – su, 5 – 7 pm, and
by appointment via

mom art space
Valentinskamp 34 A
D-20355 Hamburg


Kindly supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien, Hamburg, HFBK Hamburg and Karl H. Ditze Stiftung

Sister Pact – Packed


Sister Pact is excited to announce the release of their debut LP, PACKED, out now on Wiener Records. The band, an artistic collaboration between Logan Sibrel (the Firms) and Omar Afzaal (House of Bread, Language), formed in 2014 after Sibrel was asked to open for Brooklyn-based art duo B0DYH1GH. With reference points ranging from Freudian psychology to Riot Grrrl and Gen-X idealization, Sister Pact has now taken their bedroom-recorded aesthetic into a more lush realm with their first official release, Packed.

Max Steele of B0DYH1GH and This Is Fag City writes:

…They wrote these songs super intentionally and […] it’s valid, it’s beautiful, it’s strong, it’s important. It’s just what I needed. Like we need this right now, intellectual cute-boys post-shoegazers just diligently making art right. It’s so unselfconscious.

Packed is available digitally and on a limited cassette release (150) at and at

Underdonk & Friends

UNDERDONK is proud to present it’s inaugural show at our new location at 1329 Willoughby Avenue in Bushwick!

Opening Reception Thursday, July 9th, 7-10pm
July 9-August 9, 2015

Underdonk & Friends will showcase 1 artwork from each of the 11 members of our collective, as well as 1 artwork from 11 friends we have invited to hang alongside us.

Katherine Aungier
Chris Bertholf
Cliff Borress
Tryn Collins
Nicholas Cueva
Laura Frantz
Ashley Garrett
Alyssa Gorelick
Nate Heiges
Essye Klempner
Aleta Lanier
Jaeeun Lee
Eric Legris
Sharon Madanes
Nikki Maloof
JJ Manford
Danielle Orchard
Peter Park
Martin Roth
Logan Sibrel
Elisa Soliven
Maria Walker
Jess Willa Wheaton

1329 Willoughby Avenue, Suite #211,
Brooklyn, NY, 11237
L train to Jefferson

Lemme Be You

Lemme Be You

Curated by Danielle Orchard



Logan Sibrel makes paintings, drawings, zines, and music about memory,
boredom, and fandom. Working with figures from pop culture, he paints the darker
aspects of nostalgia–unchecked obsession, transferred narcissism, and a self-effacing
desire to inhabit a world outside one’s own. The finished works are a tease. They have
the makings of a narrative–faces familiar from 90’s pop culture, Pasolini films, and
country music that tell us nothing about their context; stills from gay porn; lines of
oblique dialogue–but the artist is really more interested in elision, with having the
authority to decide what not to include. He plays around with invented autobiography
and posturing. The lines written in his zines and throughout his paintings are full of half
truths. They read like false diary entries that remain tantalizing despite the reader’s
knowledge that they’re mostly invented. Sibrel talks frequently about what he considers
the “compulsive reveal” in his work (I think of a teenage boy positively bursting with
emotions that couldn’t possibly have been felt this deeply, ever).That stuff is certainly in
the work, specifically in the artist’s generous and empathetic treatment of sentimentality
and maudlin youth. But what I see as a major force in the work is less the compulsive
reveal, and more his masterful use of concealment. By carefully arbitrating what a
viewer sees, while including traces of the information being omitted, he engineers the
kind of nagging curiosity that keeps the National Enquirer in circulation. The artist uses
deceptively shallow means to confront the unsteady and fragmented nature of identity.

-Danielle Orchard

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