B0DYH1GH + Skirt at Macie Gransion


Calling all BFFs: 1st show ever. Please come.B0DYH1GH_and_Skirt

“Since 2010, Brooklyn-based art duo B0DYH1GH have developed a cult following for their epic, psychedelic, synaesthetic music; dark and weird art interventions; intricate, tautological grooves; and entrancing, mysterious style. They’ve performed at legendary New York City club nights such as Birdsong, Spank, Pussy Faggot, Clump, Gio Black Peter’s Super Bisexuals, Everybooty Gay Pride, Jason & Jill, Apocalypse Wow, F.:.NCY, and Chris Tyler’s Total Rejects Live. They’ve served as models and muses for internationally-acclaimed artists such as Amos Mac, whose image of the band went viral after being featured in Out Magazine, and created site-specific work for galleries such as the Impossible Project Space and Strange Loop. The band has had two evening-length special gala performances, DEEP-FRIED CANDYFLOWERS at Culturefix and ALIEN AFTERLIFE at La MaMa, and released a critically-acclaimed debut mixtape, PRETTY BEAUTIFUL, and an instrumental art-rock masterpiece EP BUTTERBAWL. Photo of B0DYH1GH by Alesia Exum.

Skirt is Logan Sibrel (The Firms) and Omar Afzaal (House of Bread, Young Guts). They are from Indiana and live in Brooklyn. They are friends in real life.”